Current Events.

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A new level has been reached within the evolution of my work. As I continue to see improvement within every piece/firing, I can see an evolution within the business side of this profession.  Realizing more and more that I am extremely confident in my work, I feel I am bringing that confidence to the side of selling and networking. 

8 sets of dinnerware and a round of 26 cappuccinos for a friend/restaurant owner.  I’ve started on a new line of water jugs. They are bulbous with a well placed handle.  Photos will be put up soon.

Potential orders from restaurants and shop owners in San Francisco, soon to be in production.  

Also, orders for the holidays have been starting to collect, I recommend expressing a desire for pieces you would like to see/order. 


Into The New Year

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There are many exciting things going on in the pottery world!

December was a great and busy month of last year.  Holiday sales, farmer’s markets, and Sunday Supperings up the bulk of my labors.

My friend Katie Cornwell captured the Sunday Suppering with some beautiful photography.  Check out her blog to read about this truly wonderful event.


The photo above is the last day of the Mission Community Market.  There were lots of familiar faces and great energy surrounding that final day.  I really enjoy being out in the community with my work, noticing how people experience each piece.  Sharing that interaction with some one who appreciates art is quite enjoyable.


Unloading that kiln just in time for the craft sale and dinner was just like Christmas and also a great relief that all the work that needed to be done was accomplished.

I am currently involved in a seconds sale at the Potter’s Studio in Berkeley.  And just recently, I also hold a space in their gallery.  In production, I have some orders to fill and also replenishing some stock.  The next firing should be this weekend and I have some new glazes to test!

Meet The Artist

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IMG_0412This passed Sunday, Java and Joe hosted a meet the artist sale consisting of a few artists and their awesome work.  It was a great day, sunny and filled with good people attending the show.  Here’s a photo of the table set up.  I think we are going to do another meet the artist come December just before the holidays.

Currents States

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Since these passed three and a half weeks, I’ve been producing at the Potter’s Studio in Berkeley.  Great space to experiment and refine certain motivations in my work.

After unloading another bisque today, I am preparing for another glaze firing soon.  I have some glaze formulas and combinations I can’t wait to get out.

This Thursday the 22nd, I will be at the Mission Community Market with a table and some pottery.    Check it out!

In the near future, there is some conversation about a Meet The Artist day in Ojai at Java Joe’s.  It’s in the works but it seems like a great idea and a fun day.  I will update when I know more.


Recent photos

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Recent piece work

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Over the passed few weeks there has been a ton of producing at Firehouse Pottery.  I’ve been involved with various slab work as well as some throwing.  Its a great opportunity to work on my chops as far as throwing consistently and quickly.  Here’s a photo of a very small portion of what Frank, Trevor, and myself have been working on for a Worthington order in Utah.  There is seriously about five times as much work as that which was created in a couple weeks, insanity.

This piece work has kept me pretty busy along with the other job I have going on but I believe now I can focus on some of my own work now.  I am in the process of putting together some Ojai mugs for Ojai day which is coming up soon, the 16th of October to be exact.

I believe I will be involved with doing a few throwing demonstrations on that day, Saturday, outside of Firehouse Pottery.  So if anyone is out and about on Ojai Day, feel free to come and check out the gallery and ask some questions about clay.

The Conclusion

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The sale was a success!  And I had a great time in Berkeley and SF while it was going on.  Good friends, good times.

The ACCI is full of great people of talent and motivation.  I hope to continue to be a part of their gallery for some time to come.

Now that a lot of my old work is gone, it is time to rebuild.  To focus on my new evolution and create work at the next level.