Into The New Year


There are many exciting things going on in the pottery world!

December was a great and busy month of last year.  Holiday sales, farmer’s markets, and Sunday Supperings up the bulk of my labors.

My friend Katie Cornwell captured the Sunday Suppering with some beautiful photography.  Check out her blog to read about this truly wonderful event.


The photo above is the last day of the Mission Community Market.  There were lots of familiar faces and great energy surrounding that final day.  I really enjoy being out in the community with my work, noticing how people experience each piece.  Sharing that interaction with some one who appreciates art is quite enjoyable.


Unloading that kiln just in time for the craft sale and dinner was just like Christmas and also a great relief that all the work that needed to be done was accomplished.

I am currently involved in a seconds sale at the Potter’s Studio in Berkeley.  And just recently, I also hold a space in their gallery.  In production, I have some orders to fill and also replenishing some stock.  The next firing should be this weekend and I have some new glazes to test!


~ by Smokin' Pottery on January 12, 2012.

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