Fuel for the fire

The history of my endeavor with clay started in high school in Mr. Duncan’s class, where Matt Harder and I would make nothing but themed “Steve’s.”  Most as gifts, various styles of Steve included Devil Steve, Punk Rocker Steve, Super Steve, and Aqua Steve (which, if I’m not mistaken, it still alive and well in Canada).

A few years and world wide trips went by with not a ponderance of mud.  Until I had to take an art class at Ventura College for credit.  There I spend a lot of time on the wheel.  Such ups and downs, frustrations and accomplishments all usually fueled by local mexican food restaurants (tacos de mexico, Coralles, and Snapper Jack’s).  A kinda fellow who goes by the name Travis Kennedy was (and will forever be) a great inspiration  and definitely helped me push my limits.  Also, he suggested that I might go see about a potter in Ojai…


2 Responses to “Fuel for the fire”

  1. F-Yeah! Nice work Jeff. I think that extra big ass pot would make a nice beer pitcher.

  2. I love your work is amazing!! I want one of each. Keep it up!

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