Fuel for the fire (2)..

This led me to Frank Massarella and Firehouse Pottery on Montgomery St.  I still remember the initial encounter quite vividly.  “Is Frank here?” I asked.  He replied with an intimidating,”Who wants to know?!”  I stated my position and he let me throw a couple of things on his old Brent wheel.

Soon after I apprenticed with Frank for two years.  Getting to know the family was beautiful and I often spent most of my time at the studio outside of work, for work, and instead of work (I was setting tile and going to school at the time as well).  It’s a truly ineffable experience watching Frank throw.  To this day, I am absolutely amazed at the absolute dominance he has over the clay.

I can’t say how many times I’ve been into the Firehouse gallery (per day, sometimes) and took it all in.  Even right now, I’d like to be back there and bring what I’ve learned to holding one of his pieces and understanding its creation  a little more.


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