ACCI seconds sale

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Today is the start of the seconds sale in Berkeley.


Palo Alto Clay & Glass Festival – 2010

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I went to the Palo Alto Art Center yesterday to check out the festival.  One motivation to get down there was to see my buddy Chris Cantello at the show.  But he wasn’t even there!  Not sure what happened with that, and I hope to find out soon.

When I first walked in I saw Harald Nordvold and Bill Crietz right in the front (from the direction I was coming), and thought it was merely the section of grass under the trees where all the artists were set up.  But as I continued to tour the place for Chris, I soon realized how big this thing really was.  There were almost two hundred glass and clay artists around this center.  Amazing..

In total, I believe I toured the entire festival five or six times, trying to see something different every time.  I had great conversations with Itsuko Zenitani and Joy Imai.  Itsuko is from Berkeley and has tremendous control over her high fire glazes, I am going to go to the gallery in Berkeley on Saturday.  She works with porcelain and throws pretty thin.  Similar style to what I attempt to do with my glazes.

Joy does soda firing and her pieces are really cool.  She paints on her pots and makes these little wish boxes and bird houses.  A lot of fun to talk to.

I went and said hi to Dan and Laurie Hennig, who’s work I brought down to Firehouse Pottery one month ago.

Kimi Masui’s work was awesome.

The more I took my time looking and each individuals body of work, the more intrigued I became with their process of their work and also of their career.  If I would have showed up both days (it went on sat and sun) I would have learned much more.  It was draining though.  When I got back home, which was an hour and 45 min drive, I had to just lie down and recoup for a time.  Then we made enchiladas and watched True Blood..Solid day..

Construction photos

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I want to build one, many actually.

Soda kiln contruction with Matt Long and friends

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The first day of the construction of Frank’s kiln started around four on a Monday.  Matt Long showed up and we got right to work setting the foundation of the kiln floor.  It did seem to go smoothly that first day, and it was exciting receiving ‘hands on’ education of how these things were done, and done properly.

Day two consisted of setting up the brick saw and the easy up for protection from the beautiful sunny days that were to come.  After that we just built up and up, setting staggering courses starting and ending on either side of the brick door.  Build the door as you go!  Important words..

I can recall how I would state the similarities between this kind of construction and setting and laying tile.  The difference it seems is that we were working vertically and tile is mostly horizontal and very knee dependent.  This was a lot less strain on the body and a lot more fun in my opinion, could have had something to do with the company surrounding me.

Every day except the first, we ended the day with numerous games of ping pong.  The day of doubles was particularly fun.  Matt did bring a pretty fierce game to the table, going undefeated one day! What?!?!  Awesome…

The days and nights fueled by Mexican and English beer, delicious and amazing food spreads and the company of so many beautiful people provided an arena similar to that of a very special day full of friends and good times.  Working hard to achieve something, getting people together and having a great time.

Here’s the completed photo of the kiln, I think its about 20 to 24 cubic feet.   It really came together when the steel was put up to frame all.

Since we got this thing done speedily, I started a tile job on Saturday.  Matt Long left early Sunday morning.  Great, fun, educational, tiring, exhausting, excellent week there at Firehouse Pottery..

Finishing the tile job on Tuesday evening, my body demanded rest.  I feel as if I’m still recovering, but it was all worth it.

Recent work with photos..

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These are some quick photos I took yesterday for a new local artists shop call Roots collaborative.  It’s an awesome place in Mill Valley with beautiful work from artists within a 50 mile radius.  There are awesome rock structure planters, paintings mounted on what looks like old wood ship boards, clever clothing ideas and sweet belt buckles!

I’ve been cleaning and pricing my work for this weekend which is the Wine Festival in Novato.  Happens just down the street, and its in two days!  I have well over a hundred pieces are varying product, from little saucer dishes to my large octopus piece. At some point during the weekend I hope to head over to the Studio 4 Art building and  do some demonstrations for  the crowd.  Sounds like a great idea, people sipping on wine and/or beer watching some art being created on the wheel.  Yes..

I also started designing espresso cups for Coffee Connection in Ojai as well as a mug design for Made in Ojai which will have a sweet Ojai logo design embedded within.

On the 21st of this month, which is not very far away, I’m going to be helping build a soda fire kiln for Frank Massarella in Ojai.  Its a project for which Matt Long will be doing and I’ll be there to help out!  (

Here’s a whiskey jug of his; awesome.

So I’m stoked on things that have happened, things that are happening, and many things to come in the near and late future!

Firing at Frank’s

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I was very pleased with the glaze firing at Frank’s and did a bunch of extra work as well to get everything in there.

(I’m starting to realize that a truck might be necessary very soon.  I’ve got a pile of work that will need to be hauled here and there).

Next week, I’ll hopefully be meeting up with my buddy Gabe to take some professional photos of some of my work that’s been coming out.  Then I will get started on the whole webpage idea.

Yesterday, I started on some recent orders I acquired in Ojai.  Everything is thrown and in the process of trimming, handling, and drying.  These pieces need to be ready to go by Sunday when I leave to come right back down to Ojai to get some more work in.

Lot of traveling these passed couple weeks..I also know there is a Chico trip planned as well..

On another side of recent news, I spoke to Daphne yesterday and she has the kiln fixed and ready to go as soon and the oxygen probe comes back in the mail.

New glaze recipes are coming soon!  very exciting


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I’m sorry for the delay in responding.  I’ve written two long entries and both were erased due to lousy internet connections.

The first of May, I was in Lincoln at the Clayfest show which was from 10 to 4.  Met a bunch of awesome people and got some great feedback about my work.  Also, I got to talk about glazing and other techniques with a couple new students that approached me.

For this show, I drove to Chico with a car load of bisqueware to glaze and fire it at All Fired Up the week before.  That was a nice busy week running around and having a taste of the seasonal Summerfest brew from Sierra Nevada Brewery.

I drove back to Novato after the show and loaded my car up with all the rest of the bisqueware I had to drive down to Ojai for another firing, a reduction fire.  Arriving to Ojai on Tuesday, I got to Firehouse Pottery on Wednesday to start work glazing and also to help move the gallery to its old location.

It was amazing to watch the space transform from a bare room into a highly organized beautiful showroom.  When we got done assembling ikea things, I started glazing.

The next day, similar things occurred.  Bringing work in from the other gallery, helping students glaze, glazing my own work…I think I threw 20 mugs that morning too which I handled later that night.

Frank had a class that night, but we had to get the kiln loaded before that.  Long day that was.

On Saturday was the day of the triathlon, which was awesome.  Sunday, I became more sore as the day went on..

Frank and I unloaded the kiln that day and had a nice firing.  Some good work, and a lot of work for me personally.

I hope all this work will start to pay off soon.  I do have a lot of work kinda stocked up now; I’ve made some good connections and have some great opportunities ahead of me.  But, all in all its been a lot of fun with hard work pushing things forward.